​MR. POLICEMAN (My protest song.) Hello, In light of the recent murder of George Floyd and the conversations and protests that this tragedy has sparked I as an artist feel impelled to make my small contribution to the good fight, one that I have subscribed to my entire adult life. As an African American male every racially motivated death at the hands of the police that we have witnessed in the U.S. over the YEARS could have been me, without rhyme or reason. This is my latest release entitled Mr. Policeman. Mr. Policeman is my protest song dedicated to all those men or women  police officers who have lost their way in the good fight. Not talking about racism will not make it go away. All proceeds generated by the digital download of the song will be donated to the Equal Justice Initiative so pay what you can. You can also donate directly to the Equal Justice Initiative and upon proof of your donation I will personally email you the song Be safe everybody and join the good fight (if you're not already in it)!   BMJ