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​MR. POLICEMAN is my protest song dedicated to all those men and women police officers who have lost their way fighting what should be the good fight. We still see (if we choose to look) in 2023 innocent coloured people treated like criminals because of the colour of their skin and denied their constitutional rights to the point of death at the hands of power-tripping police officers. Thanks to today's mobile phones and some courageous citizens both black and white some of these rogue officers are finally being brought to justice to face the punishment that they deserve! Not talking about racism and how it still plagues America to this day will not make it go away. CRT however controversial some may find it taught in school to kids of a certain age could be a tool to help us better understand each other's predicaments and how we can overcome the wrongdoings of the past together to create a better quality of life for all Americans. Wouldn't America benefit from its citizens all thriving together? Be safe everybody and join the good fight in the best way that you can!  BMJ

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